The products are mainly used as high-quality fireproof materials for the lightweight partition walls of various buildings. Such as office buildings, commercial buildings, passenger stations, railway stations, airports, hotels, research institutes, schools, hospitals, cinemas, gymnasiums and other internal partitions and ceiling decoration, and can also be used for different types of decorative panels. In addition to being widely used in partition walls and ceilings of various buildings, it can also be used in: building mezzanine, movable partition, sound absorption structure, sound insulation structure, heat insulation structure, sign board, fire partition, fence partition, Fire-resistant ducts, fire doors, shops, partitions, wall panels, sundries cabinets, billboards, etc. The waterproof and moisture-proof properties of the product determine that it is an ideal material suitable for areas with high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets.

SPC floor production line

  • High surface smoothness: the mirror highlight effect is obvious.

    The paint film is plump: the color is plump and attractive.

    Scratch resistance: The higher the hardness, the brighter it will be. The plastic floor of the spc floor production line will not be deformed after curing at room temperature.

    Acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance: It can resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali disinfectants.

    No fading: It has better physical and chemical properties, does not lose color for a long time, and solves the phenomenon of chromatic aberration.

    Environmental protection and health: The decorative board itself does not contain volatile substances, and it is fully automatic spc floor equipment, and through UV curing, a dense cured film is formed, which reduces the amount of substrate gas emissions.

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