Machine feature:
Stone Sculpture extruded calendered sheet, after the surface UV treatment, the plate surface was a mirror effect, with a strong product surface saturation, similar ceramic stone crystal clear glass layer, to truly become a veritable diamond plate, reaching marble three-dimensional effect.
1) green and beautiful and applicable;
2) You can use recycled materials, low cost;
3) marble material realism, no radioactive elements;
4) super wear-resistant, scratch-resistant;
5) surface light and not slippery, but also non-slip;
6) waterproof, fire prevention, etc.


Technical parameters:
Extruder                        SJSZ   80/156                 SJSZ92/188
Motor   power(KW)                    75kw                               110kw
Product   width(mm)     600-2500mm          600-2500mm
Product   thickness(mm)    0.5-30mm                     2-30mm

PVC artificial marble sheet production line

  • Ceiling, wall panels, background wall, kitchen wall, bathroom wall, entertainment decoration, corridor walls, office decoration all can be produced  by Sevenstarsgroup PVC artificial marble sheet extrusion line.
    Villa, home, hotel, commercial buildings, public places, ideal for decoration materials

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