The products of melt blown cloth have many obvious advantages, such as high filtration efficiency, low resistance, softness, self coalescence and adhesion of the network, which are widely used in various countries 


It is mainly used for medium and sub high efficiency filtration, including air filtration, acid breaking liquid filtration, food hygiene filtration, industrial dust mask production, etc


In addition, it can also be used as medical and health products, industrial precision wipes, thermal insulation materials, oil absorption materials, battery partitions, leather like base cloth, etc


In many aspects, its performance is superior to the similar products of traditional textiles. With the continuous development of post-processing technology, the application field of melt blown non-woven fabric will be more extensive

pp meltblown non-woven machine

  • Production: 3-6 tons / 24 hours

    Width of melt blown fabric: 2400mm

    Filtration rate: 95-99%

    Linear speed: 40-80 M / min

    GSM range: 8 ~ 80g / sq.m

    Control mode: PLC programming + touch screen human machine interface

    Siemens or OMRON PLC

    Touch screen: Siemens

    Temperature control: RKC

    Frequency converter: Huichuan or ABB or Siemens

    Low voltage electrical components: Schneider

    Certification: Ce

  • Feeding system


    Net forming machine

    Electrostatic electret equipment

    Winding and slitting machine

    Electric control cabinet

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