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Background: melt blown nonwovens, also known as melt blown nonwovens and melt blown nonwovens, are the "heart" of masks. China's compliant melt blown cloth can produce less than 100 tons a day. Recently, the production capacity of masks has exceeded 400 million pieces, that is to say, more than 400 tons of melt blown cloth are needed every day, This demand does not include unregistered mask factories and does not include 70% of overseas markets that need Chinese exports. In a short period of time, the epidemic situation in foreign countries cannot be effectively controlled, and the medical N95 and kn95 masks will continue to be in short supply. Therefore, investment in melt blown cloth production line is still the best time. (1)made in China After the outbreak, China experienced "mask difficulty" -- "mask machine difficulty" -- "melt blown cloth difficulty" -- "melt blown cloth equipment difficulty". With the continuous investment of mask production line, the gap of melt blown cloth equipment is becoming increasingly obvious. The price of melt blown cloth has soared from 50000 / T to nearly 700000 / T. At this time, Chinese manufacturing began to break out, mushrooming all over the real estate melt and spray cloth machines. With a large number of domestic machines put into the market in March, China experienced the outbreak of the melt blown cloth Market in April, and all the mask exports were restored Whenever and in any crisis, it should be the basic principle to make high-quality, legal and compliant products. Our company's self-produced machine, 1200mm, daily output of 1t, guarantees bfe95 + quality melt blown cloth, affordable, 40 day delivery (2)Made in Germany Fighter in mechanical equipment, the global leader in precision manufacturing. Germany's melt blown cloth production line and die head manufacturing process have always been at the forefront of all countries. After the outbreak, Germany is also seriously affected. At present, the delivery time of the original factory is basically about 6 months. 1600mm, daily output of 1 ton of equipment, basically 30 million yuan, 2T and 4T prices are exaggerated. German machines can be customized to make any specification and any quality of melt blown cloth products. (3)Made in Japan The main specifications of melt blown nonwovens in Japan are 1200mm and 1600mm, and the daily output is about 1 ~ 2T; The price of the whole machine is invested in 15 million cases, and the production time before the epidemic is about 3 months. Basically, it takes 4-5 months from the order placement to the completion of the installation and commissioning; After the outbreak, from the middle of April, the original factory stopped receiving orders and spinnerets were no longer sold separately. It is expected to resume receiving orders after 2021T

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