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Plastic glazed tile production machinery

Plastic glazed tile is also called synthetic glazed tile/PVC resin tile. The product is processed at one time using 2-layer co-extrusion technology. Each material has its own functional surface material to ensure the durability and corrosion performance of the product. Mainly used for flat to slope, villas, gardens and other housing fields.

Composition of plastic glazed tile production line:

1. 80 conical twin screw extruder SJSZ-80B 1 set

2. 50 single screw extruder SJ-50×30 1 set

3.Clothes hanger mould YJM1100 1 set

4.Distributor Ytpe A.AB.ABA 1 set

5.Hopper dryer STG-U160 1 set

6.Two-roller printing group YH1100 1 set

7.Water temperature controller 1 set

8.Plastic glazed tile forming machine SJW250×880 1 set

9.Saw blade cutting (5mm board can be cut) SJW1100 1 set

10.Material receiving rack SJW1100 1 set

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